What the Drip?

Drip is an on-chain permission-less dollar cost averaging protocol. Lot's of words, but what does that mean?

Lets break it down word by word:

Dollar Cost Averaging: Dollar cost averaging describes the act of performing recurring trades to obtain an average price. We won't re-invent the wheel here, if you are still confused here is an amazing article by Binance.

On-Chain: The dollar cost averaging mechanism happens directly on the blockchain, i.e. all the trading/swaps happen on chain and can be verified on chain.

Permission-less: Permission-less, the lack of permissions. Anyone can perform a swap to progress a DCA, there are no restrictions on who can do this. Why would anyone want to? A small fee is rewarded to the user that can successfully trigger a swap for a token pair + frequency. Dcaf Labs runs a bot to do this for our users, and we hope the community will create their own bots to take advantage of this fee structure. Drip is a unique product in the DeFi space because it offers a truly decentralized DCA experience and this is done via incentivized drips. In the next set of pages we go over the protocol in depth, and how you can interact with it either via the UI or programatically via the SDK.

Official Deployed Programs











The Devnet Staging program is frequently updated as development progresses, it is not a stable program to use for integrations or testing. Please use the Devnet Production program.

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