The Position represents information on a user/account's DCA. It keeps track of a users withdrawal and deposits and is owned by the Vault. Authority of the Position is given to whoever owns the NFT token that has a mint == position_authority.

pub struct Position {
    // The A/B/G vault the position belongs to
    pub vault: Pubkey, // 32
    // The position authority NFT mint
    pub position_authority: Pubkey, // 32
    // The address to send referral fees too
    pub referrer: Pubkey, // 32
    // Total deposited
    pub deposited_token_a_amount: u64, // 8
    // Total withdrawn B (amount sent to the user + amount sent to the treasury)
    pub withdrawn_token_b_amount: u64, // 8
    pub deposit_timestamp: i64,        // 8
    // The drip period ID of the vault that happened prior to the user opening this position
    pub drip_period_id_before_deposit: u64, // 8
    // Number of drips/Swaps that this position will be a part of
    pub number_of_swaps: u64, // 8
    // deposit_amount_token_a / number_of_swaps
    pub periodic_drip_amount: u64, // 8
    pub is_closed: bool,           // 1
    pub bump: u8,                  // 1

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