This guide will go over withdawB and closePosition.

The full example can be found on github here.


//import { Drip, DripVault, findVaultPubkey, Network, VaultAccount } from '@dcaf-labs/drip-sdk';
import { Address, AnchorProvider, BN } from '@project-serum/anchor';
import NodeWallet from '@project-serum/anchor/dist/cjs/nodewallet';
import { Connection, Keypair, PublicKey } from '@solana/web3.js';
import { Token, TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID } from '@solana/spl-token';

async function main() {
    // export your wallet as such
    // export EXAMPLE_WALLET="[92,116,...,245,129]"
    const keypairData = process.env.EXAMPLE_WALLET;
    const programID = Uint8Array.from(JSON.parse(keypairData));
    const walletKeypair = Keypair.fromSecretKey(programID);
    console.log('connected wallet', walletKeypair.publicKey.toString());
    // Setup
    const programId = 'dripTrkvSyQKvkyWg7oi4jmeEGMA5scSYowHArJ9Vwk';
    const network = Network.Devnet;
    const clientEnv = ClientEnv.Production;
    const provider = new AnchorProvider(
        new Connection('https://api.devnet.solana.com', 'confirmed'),
        new NodeWallet(walletKeypair),
    const drip = Drip.fromNetworkClient(network, provider, programId, clientEnv);
    // Devnet Drip USDT
    const tokenA = new PublicKey('H9gBUJs5Kc5zyiKRTzZcYom4Hpj9VPHLy4VzExTVPgxa');
    // Given a tokenA, get valid tokenBs
    const tokenBs = await drip.config.getAllTokenBs(tokenA);
    // For the example's sake, lets pick the first token available
    const tokenB = tokenBs[Object.keys(tokenBs)[0]].mint;
    console.log('tokenA', tokenA.toString(), 'tokenB', tokenB.toString());
    const vaultProtoConfigs = await drip.config.getSupportedVaultProtoConfigsForPair(
    // For the example's sake, lets pick the first proto config
    const vaultProtoConfig = vaultProtoConfigs[0];
    const vaultPubkey = findVaultPubkey(drip.programId, {
        protoConfig: vaultProtoConfig.pubkey,
        tokenAMint: tokenA,
        tokenBMint: tokenB
    console.log('vault', vaultPubkey.toString());
    const dripVault = await drip.getVault(vaultPubkey);
    // Any function from the deposit guide will work here 
    // the specifc one is not relevant, therefore it is not shown
    const positionPubkey = await deposit(dripVault);
    const dripPosition = await drip.getPosition(positionPubkey);
    // ...


This function will withdraw all the accrued destination token (token B) for a position. Under the hood it calls instruction withdrawB. Note, this function will fail if there is no destination token accrued.

const res = await dripPosition.withdrawB();
console.log('withdraw txId', res.id);

Close Position

This function will withdraw all accrued destination token (token B) for a position along with all remaining source token (token A), burn the position nft token, and close the position nft token account (refunding the lamports to the user).

const res = await dripPosition.closePosition();
console.log('close position txId', res.id);

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