The first thing you will want to do within the application is connect you wallet.

If it is the first time you are connecting to the website, you will be prompted to approve the application (this does NOT move any funds or sign any transactions).

🚨 Devnet Minting

If you are using the devnet application, you can mint test tokens directly from within the application, however you still need SOL to perform transactions. You can obtain some small amounts of sol here.

Select the source asset (Token A)

Select the amount you would like to deposit (this is exact amount will be debited from your account)

Select the destination asset (Token B). Only valid Token B's for Token A will be shown.

Choose your desired frequency. A frequency describes how often you would like a swap to happen. Depending on the environment, different options may be displayed:

Devnet: Minutely, Hourly

Mainnet: Daily

Choose your desired end date. Another way to view it is the date and time you would like to finish your recurring trades.

Once all the details are inputed, a summary of your action is displayed. Carefully review the text, and hit deposit once you are finished.

Once you deposit, you will a new NFT in your wallet, this represents your DCA and more importantly it signifies your ownership of the DCA. If you transfer this NFT, the new NFT owner will be the owner of the DCA. If you burn this NFT your DCA will be lost forever.

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