Vault Period

The VaultPeriod holds the average price data for a Vault as well as the drip reduce amount once that period is finished (each position will contribute to the drip reduce amount on their position expiry period). This account has the following PDA:

seeds = [
pub struct VaultPeriod {
    // Account relations
    pub vault: Pubkey, // 32

    // Data
    // The period index/offset from the genesis period of the vault (0, 1, ...)
    pub period_id: u64, // 8
    // Drip amount to reduce at this period
    pub dar: u64, // 8
    // Time weighted average price of asset A expressed in asset B from period 1 to this period
    pub twap: u128, // 16
    // Timestamp for the drip
    pub drip_timestamp: i64, //8
    // Bump
    pub bump: u8, // 1

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